Meet Our Pastors

Pastors Jake McCandless and Christopher Mantei have been given a clear vision by God for this mission. Many years in both Christian ministry and secular work have led to this revolutionary expression of the Body of Christ. Your prayers and support for Jake and Christopher and their families are greatly needed and appreciated!

Jake is Senior Pastor of Epic Church in northwest Arkansas, the Executive Director of Stand Firm Ministries and the award-winning author of "Spiritual Prepper", the 40 day devotional "Invincible" and of perhaps the first ever book for children about the return of Christ, "Jesus and His White Horse".

​Christopher is Associate Pastor of Iron Faith Fellowship in northern Delaware, the President of Wings Of The Eagle, the author of "Flee To The Mountains", host of the podcast "Unsealed" and the creator of the first-of-its-kind online Bible course "The End Times For Beginners".

Jake McCandless
  • Pastor
Christopher Mantei
  • Pastor

Meet Our Team

Our dedicated servant-leadership team includes the multi-talented Pastor and Worship leader Christopher Anderson, Worship leaders Taryn & Bryan DaleyPastor Randy Scott and Timothy Gill formally of Voice of the Martyrs.

Christopher Anderson
  • Pastor, Evangelist
Taryn Daley
  • Worship Leader, Evangelist
Randy Scott
  • Elder, Pastor
Timothy Gill
  • Elder, Teacher