Online Church: Endtime.Church was Ahead of the Curve

Updated: Jan 21

Over two years ago, Endtime.Church looked ahead to the pending dangers and created a fully online church with worship services, small group discussion, and Bible Studies that are all done online. Many churches were streaming their services online, but those who “attended” the online campus of that church weren’t made to feel a part of the church. To combat that and to meet the needs of the prophesied challenges ahead, Endtime.Church sought to have their church completely online, so that the online attenders were the heart and soul of the church. They also chose to pursue engagement over views and constantly outrank other online fellowships by chat participation and engagement.

All are welcome to join in through the community App, the Monday night worship services, live prayer, and small group discussion after service which is called the AfterParty. A simple click connects you with believers around the world and a church that through Scripture foresaw events like the coronavirus outbreak and created an engaging online church to meet the need. With the inclusion of often neglected end times teachings, not only is it a format to participate in during such trying times, but there’s also Biblical explanation of what is happening and how we should respond.

The structure of the online church is putting the preparatory teachings and efforts from Endtime.Church into practice. Along with teaching of Biblical end-time realities that are neglected by many congregations, ETC also works to spiritually prepare others to face these challenges. The church was birthed out of three end-time ministries Stand Firm, Wings of the Eagle, and Prophecy Simplified. Stand Firm was seeking to prepare believers with pastoral care and instruction to stand firm in challenges to the faith now and in the prophesied future. Wings of the Eagle focused on networking believers who were tracking in end time study, concern for the persecuted church, Middle East Missions, and the restoration of Israel. Prophecy Simplified was seeking to present the truth of Biblical prophecy in a Scriptural and simplistic way.

The mission and teachings of these ministries called for preparatory actions now, as well as preparing the western church for those future challenges, all of which led to creating this online community that networks believers from around the world. By no means is the church exclusively focused on end-times prophecy, rather, they strive to keep a balance of the whole counsel of God. Yet, they are structured to keep the “end in mind” with each teaching and action of the church.

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