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The prophet Daniel prayed for 21 days until an angel gave him the answer he sought. The angel revealed that he contended with the Prince of Persia for those 21 days (Dan. 10:13). The same angel would fight beside Michael against the Prince of Greece. The Greecian and Persian princes are demonic principalities assigned over the nations to oppose the Lord's work through His people. Just like the nations of old, America likewise has principalities contending against the people of God, the Church. What happens when the people of God turn a blind eye to the spiritual war raging around them? How do Christians respond to demonic attacks when taught that demons are allegorical figures? 


In Haunting of America, a dark mystery is revealed. A mystery spanning decades of American social, political, and religious agendas woven together by unseen, preternatural forces. The reader will see the nefarious tentacles of corruption, idolatry, and selfishness in all three societal pillars. Demons are real. Hell is real. Christ has defeated them all. 

Haunting of America: A Demonologists Take on American Spirits (E-Book)

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