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The Grace of Humility: Responding to God's Call on Your Life

God's calling is irrevocable (Rom. 11:29). Christians often fail to respond properly to the Lord's gifts and calling on their life. Sometimes the reason for an incorrect response is besetting sins or a sense of unworthiness because of one's past. Others are put off by the Lord's call because of a perceived sense of impossibility to the grandeur of God's plan.

This week, we will delve into the stories of Zacharias, Mary, and Paul, examining how they responded to God's extraordinary call. We will witness how humility, a virtue that begets reverence and respect, clears the path for a proper response to God's call, while pride leads to complications, even as the divine plan continues unabated.

Please remember to bring communion elements with you to the service, as we will celebrate the Lord's Supper together. Share your prayer requests, and we will unite in prayer over your requests. Sow into the work of End Time Church by going to to become a monthly financial partner or give a one-time gift to the work of this ministry. If you have not obeyed the Lord in baptism, reach out to ETC leadership for the next steps. End Time Church believes in biblical discipleship as a foundational spiritual discipline necessary for every believer's proper, healthy spiritual development. If you do not have a spiritual mentor, reach out to ETC leadership, and we will connect you with someone who will walk this life with you. The Grace of Humility: Responding to God's Call on Your Life

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