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The Scandal of 70 7's

Many churchgoers believe they are eternally secure in Christ because they said the Sinner's Prayer. Others believe they are good with God because they attend services, give charitably to non-profit organizations, and treat others well. But these good deeds do not lead to eternal life. Though folks do these wonderful deeds, they are hopelessly deceived if they believe they can carry unforgiveness and never turn away from their sins.

It's scandalous to speak of repentance and forgiveness in the church today. Most people claiming to be Christians do not understand the connection between repentance and forgiveness, which are critically linked. It's also scandalous in the world to consider the concept of limitless forgiveness. What does Jesus say of these things? What example did He set for all believers toward forgiveness? Join us as Dr. Chris Anderson as he discusses The Scandal of 70 7's.

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